From 2014 to 2015 I worked with KIXEYE as a UI Artist on their new mobile game War Commander: Rogue Assault. I was mainly responsible for the development of the world map feature. I established the look of the map, it's icons and animations. Although brief, my time on the project gave me an invaluable introduction to game development with Unity. I learned so much during my year at KIXEYE!
When a player gained the opportunity to attack a rival base on the world map, that specific call to action needed to be super cool, so I created lots of different versions of that. See below.
Once the final look was selected I had to create a style guide to present to our team at KIXEYE.
Once the CTA was implemented, it needed to be animated. Here's what I created.
Friendly and enemy units required a health bar that also indicated level and buff. I had the opportunity to design these.

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