While I was working with Telltale Games in 2011, I had the opportunity to design the UI for The Walking Dead: Season One. The process began with very basic UX work (wireframes, user flows and prototyping) and quickly moved into the production of graphics and animations. After everything was implemented using the 'Telltale Tool' we ensured the UI worked (and looked great) on every available platform (Playstation, Xbox, PC, iPhone, iPad).

The Walking Dead: Season One was the first of Telltale's games to introduce the 'selection reticle'. This UI device was an improvement from our previous game, Jurassic Park, where all of the interactive objects in the scene had the associated icon anchored to it. The selection reticle implored the user to investigate the scene instead of immediately revealing the hidden secrets within. This was a huge leap forward in our UX and the players loved it.

The front-end UI needed to immerse the player in the grisly world of a zombie apocalypse right away. For this we created a worn, dirty, and bloodstained aesthetic to theme our Options, Pause and DLC menus. Most UI elements were framed with torn newsprint or butcher paper. Button selections were indicated using animated ink smears. Transitions simulated the look of pooling blood. The end result was a front-end UI that helped establish the atmosphere that Telltale achieved with The Walking Dead.

Near the end of the project I had the chance to do some light voice acting under the guidance of our Audio Lead, Lazar Levine. Nothing serious, mind you, just some zombie screams, groans and gross chewing noises. I learned that it's very cathartic to be able to scream in a sound booth. One of the highlights of my career!

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