During my time at Telltale one of the most enjoyable games I worked on was The Walking Dead: Season One. I was responsible for the overall user experience, the UI art and leading the team in building our UI with the Telltale Tool.
The 'selection reticle' was a UI feature that marked an improvement from previous Telltale games such as Jurassic Park, where interactive objects in the game world had associated icons anchored to them. Using the reticle revealed multiple options where players could pick how they interact with the game's environment, enhancing their engagement and overall experience.  At the time it was a big step forward for the game, but this design feature has since stood the test of time, appearing in nearly every Telltale game after The Walking Dead.
To establish The Walking Dead's post-apocalyptic atmosphere, we designed a front-end UI with a worn, dirty, and bloodstained aesthetic. We had fun making torn newsprint and butcher paper textures for some of the UI elements.
In the final stages of the project, I had the opportunity to contribute to the game's sound design by doing some light voice acting for the zombies under the guidance of Lazar Levine, our Audio Lead. It was an amazing experience and is a highlight of my career.

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