In 2011 I worked with Telltale to create the UI for Jurassic Park. This was a great learning experience for me as the game had to be playable on consoles, PC and mobile platforms. On top of that I had the opportunity to create some really fun graphics. For the framing elements I took inspiration from slate and fossils. For the icons I took a very minimal and clean approach.
The loading screens were really fun to design. I drew some dino skeletons in Illustrator and Photoshopped them with the slate texture I had created. I modeled and animated a DNA strand in 3DS Max.
The on-screen prompts were presented as icons floating above all of the interactive objects in the scene. Not the best choice, looking back, as this solution was too obvious for the player and took away some of the fun when investigating the scene. I fixed this problem when I designed the action reticle for The Walking Dead: Season One.
Quick time events took a smiliarily minimal approach when it came to the UI popups.
Achievements were presented with a slate window that expands to reveal a token and a message.
The popup boxes used a slate framing aesthetic that was really fun to create.
I even had the chance to create the splash image, logo and packaging materials for Jurassic Park: The Game. I continued the use of the slate and fossils textures that I had established in the UI while striking a balance with the classic and well-known Jurassic Park poster from the film.
Check out the Jurassic Park gameplay trailer below.

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