In 2011 I worked with Telltale to create the UI for Jurassic Park: The Game. Developing the UX for a game that's playable on consoles, PC and iPad was certainly a challenge, but a good learning experience. On top of that I had the opportunity to create some really fun graphics for a franchise that I've always enjoyed.
The loading screens were really fun to design. I drew some dino skeletons in Illustrator and Photoshopped them with the slate texture I had created. I modeled and animated a DNA strand in 3DS Max.
The on-screen prompts were presented as icons floating above all of the interactive objects in the scene. For the UI icons I took a very minimal approach reminiscent of the island signage found in the world of Jurassic Park.
Quick time events took a smiliarily minimal approach when it came to the UI popups.
Achievements were presented with a slate window that expands to reveal a token and a message.
The popup boxes used a slate framing aesthetic that was really fun to create.
I even had the chance to create the splash image, logo and packaging materials for Jurassic Park: The Game. I continued the use of the slate and fossils textures that I had established in the UI while striking a balance with the classic and well-known Jurassic Park poster from the film.
Check out the Jurassic Park gameplay trailer below.

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