After spending a few years at Anki developing Overdrive and Cozmo, I had the opportunity to completely rebrand our Overdrive kit with a new IP; Universal's Fast & Furious. This was a unique experience for me as a UI designer since the UX had mostly been established with Overdrive and my role became purely art creation. During the development of Fast & Furious I was promoted to Lead Artist and took on the added responsibility of managing a team.
My primary role was to create and implement the UI graphics for the app but I was also tasked with designing new vehicles and track pieces for the physical toy component. To ensure this ran smoothly, I created UI & Game Art style guides, which had to be approved by both Anki and Universal. These guides were essential in maintaining the graphics in the app and physical components. When it was time to print the new track pieces I travelled to Los Angeles to monitor and approve their production in the factory.
The artists that I managed created a variety of incredible assets for the UI, characters and weapons. It was a great experience conducting art critiques with the team and offering feedback or paintovers where necessary.
After the product went live we developed an augmented reality (AR) experience for the app. I created concept art, delivered the final graphics, and implemented everything using Unity and ARKit. It was extremely cool to build a game that combined a physical toy and the Overdrive app in an AR setting.
Working on Fast & Furious was an amazing experience for me. Not only did I get to continue on my path as a UI Designer, but my capabilities as an art director and product designer grew as well.

Home Screen

Coin Shop

Game mode selection

Matchmaking screen

AI commander selection

Vehicle selection

Track scan vehicle placement

Track scanning in progress

Begin match screen

Gameplay tips


Gamepad with vehicle disabled

Help screen

Weapon Information

Match results screen

Garage: Equipment

Garage: Upgrades

Garage: Truck

Golden path (goals)


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