In 2010 I worked with Disruptive Media Publishers to create UI themes for the Playstation 3 XMB. I made themes for Capcom, Paramount Pictures, MLB, NHL, NCAA, as well as my own original styles. Creating themes utilized a blend of UI Design, Maya, ZBrush and XML coding.
Jackass 3.5 promo theme created for Dickhouse Productions and Paramount.
Official NHL Playstation themes. This one is for the Vancouver Canucks, but I made one for every team in the NHL.
One of my original Playstation themes, this one has a militaristic night vision aesthetic.
Official MLB Playstation themes. This one is for the New York Yankees, but similar to the NHL themes, I made a unique theme for every team in MLB.
Working with Capcom, I made a theme for the game Bionic Commando 2. The theme was offered as a free promotional item on the Playstation Network.
Another original theme, this one had a military theme. 

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