Dear 20s

“Dear 20’s.”

My advice to you…

Your struggles will pass, don’t have fear, you can look back but don’t stare, you’ll get stuck.

When you pass your 20’s you’ll learn that pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice.

You’ll learn to cope with obstacles with more knowledge and at ease once you pass your 20’s.

Become the empowered woman you prayed so long for. Without struggle how would you have learned any lessons?

All situations will become blessings in disguise in your 30’s. You will be able to give back, become a leader. You would have never figured then but you will find out.

Learn to trust again, love again become a lover of life…while knowing your perfect imperfections were always enough.

Now look forward, that’s the direction to be in.

by “yourself”, in her 30’s

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Learning how to live again 👐🏼.