Drive me…

“Every time..”Every time my husband drives

I settle in my seat.

Lay my head back and imagine a brand new journey.

I lift my feet up 

Quite symbolic.

Feels like we are headed that way as the wheels go turning.

He smiles at me

I smile at him

We bop our heads to all genres of music 

As pandora switches up the beats.

We know life has the exact same tunes just like pandora 💕

“Bam-boom”, “cha-Ching,” “Pooh-you”, and “o-la-la” too.

Life is just like the music.

Genre changes,

Wheels keep turning,

Kick up your feet,

And look to the side at your sweats 😍

And have faith that together you can move to rhythm of any beat 🎶

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Learning how to live again 👐🏼.