Drive me…

“Every time..”Every time my husband drives

I settle in my seat.

Lay my head back and imagine a brand new journey.

I lift my feet up 

Quite symbolic.

Feels like we are headed that way as the wheels go turning.

He smiles at me

I smile at him

We bop our heads to all genres of music 

As pandora switches up the beats.

We know life has the exact same tunes just like pandora πŸ’•

“Bam-boom”, “cha-Ching,” “Pooh-you”, and “o-la-la” too.

Life is just like the music.

Genre changes,

Wheels keep turning,

Kick up your feet,

And look to the side at your sweats 😍

And have faith that together you can move to rhythm of any beat 🎢

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Learning how to live again πŸ‘πŸΌ.