Our 2005.

Our 2005.We had you young,

But where would We be today without you? 

God surely knew what he was doing because in present day, 

My baby womb can’t carry due to my illness and so I pray,

God thank you for giving me her when you chose to and not when I’d say.

It wasn’t easy to get on our own feet or to get through college,

But you gave your daddy and I the strength to strive for more and instead grow quite some knowledge,

in order to survive in this world that’s so unapologetic,

But yet thanks to some of our genetics,

We had some success and took care of you, us, made a career for ourselves and the rest, 

well just forget it.

We have a happy family, you, a brother, and a sister, a father who is consistent, and a mom who is persistent.

Our world isn’t perfect, 

I don’t want to create that picture, 

But forever in our hearts we will give a high five, To our lovely 2005 šŸ’—

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Learning how to live again šŸ‘šŸ¼.

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