To the Right

Our lit path,

 A new balance…

 My husband and I placed those lights,

As the path curves and leans over to the right. 

None of the lights are perfect in alignment but boy do they shine!

They were perfectly crafted for solar energy they are powerful,

they light up just in time, 

And the moon takes over as the sun loses its daily shine.

We now learned the symbolism of this path, 

Our lives absorb different energies, 

rays of light striking our lives,

But then we have catalysts…






That fuel our inner light…

Yes, our world gets dim at times,

The catalyst come moving in steering you into what is in the right, 

Giving us a thrust of hope that dusk turns to dawn, 

 And in time the light shines again and a new day can define a new change. 

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Learning how to live again 👐🏼.

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