His Story

My son…

It started when he was two,

He had no words, 

no eye contact, 

no smile,

They left, 

Why oh how?

I’d heard of autism,

The awareness was widespread.

He rumbled and tumbled in hopes to communicate, 

by using tantrums and fists which early intervention struggled to navigate.

A team of experts and our family came up with an educational plan, 

For him to accomplish the skills of coping, building friendships, learning, and feeling secure in the special classroom setting he would land.

He’s ten now and still “stims “,

twirls when he spirals into his own world now and then.

I ask him…”Son, can you tell me what you see?” 

He jumps around and plays his sounds, draws his art,

And then explains,

“Mom, you and I live in a world that’s the same.”

“I’m just more smarter!”

He gives me a hug,

And runs away with his heart on his sleeves.

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Learning how to live again 👐🏼.

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