Who is the flower in the mirror?


Who is that stunning flower looking out to me?

I see her wide eyes filled with optimism but I’m still not sure if she’s really looking back at me.

Who is that flower in the mirror looking happily? I’m still trying to define her emotions as I’ve felt oppressed for so long I’ve forgotten what that feeling can be.

Who is that flower in the mirror reaching out to me? Oh my, she looks so rejunevated, she may be trying to display a message but I turn away because I’m not sure what she’s going to say.

Why is that flower trying so hard to come out that mirror and come talk to me? Wait she looks a bit familiar, I’m blinking my eyes to see a bit more clearer…

oh my dear,

when I get nearer ,

what’s actually within the Flower is me in the mirror,

I’ve really changed from what’s within that flower due to the strong hold of sadness,

I’ve been told suffering is optional,

yet that flower is reminding me to get up and rise up from what I thought was the impossible.

The feeling of oppression and depression my physical and emotional suppressions.

But yet she’s now in front of me, reminding me of everything I always use to be.

Love, strength, humility, and tenacity is just a few things that flower reflected right back at me.

Who is that person in that flower?

All along and always she was me 🌸







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Learning how to live again 👐🏼.

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