Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women.
Come on now,
Beautiful women,
Come celebrate,
Embrace your body,
Come now,
Dance with me.
Come on pretty women,
Come on now sexy women,
Stop wearing those giant sweaters,
Or black clothes to hide your silhouettes.
Come on now dance with me. The beauty is within you,
Whoever doesn’t accept who you are in your mind, shape or size…
Can be let go now,
Please move along now get off the line!
Acceptance comes from within you,
I’m showing myself to the world,
I can careless who thinks I fit into their fitness menu.
I know I take good care of myself they can’t even pretend to know what I’ve medically been threw.
Not everyone who is ‘curvy’ has a fitness issue,
Sometimes it goes deeper,
Now let’s move on now that’s another topic I’ll continue.
Beautiful women,
We come in all shapes and sizes,
Now let’s dance and celebrate our bodies,
Life’s too short to seek approval from society.


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Learning how to live again 👐🏼.

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